New Company’s registration in Lithuania

Company ESPOTRANSA REAL ESTATE assists foreign individuals in registering new firms in Lithuania. The-PLC(public limited company) , PLLC(private limited liability company), are international community branch establishments and agencies, PE(personal enterprises), AND- active domestic network, LDN-limited domestic networks and others.

Public LLC and Private LLC-company, is judicial representative with the limited liability. For the established obligations it is liable with the civic property. Asserted capital sum is divided into shares, named stocks.

PE-enterprise is local judicial organization with unlimited civic liability. For the obligations it is answerable with all of its property.

AND and LDN – judicial representative, for the established obligatios of the network, active members are answerable with all of its property. Within the limited community, there is a member of the community, who for the obligation is liable only with its property invested in to the network.

Branches and agencies of the international community-branch or agency of the lawful representative are not judicial representatives.

Branches and agencies are answerable for the obligations of the founder, and the founder is answerable for the obligation of the branch or agency. There is no capital sum asserted.

It is available to register company in Lithuania under the power of attorney ( without your presence in Lithuania, for an extra fee of 100 Euro). An example of power of attorney and affidavit ( confirmation of signature) will be presented by us – the documents must be notary confirmed. Price for company registration in Lithuania, including legal address, consist of 1300 Euro. Share capital may be transferred by bank transfer to your accumulative account, opened for your company. Also it is available to effect such payment by cash – we may input it to your account under power of attorney.

Requirements for company registration

  • Passport or copy of it, including registration ( necessary for Russia and some other countries), of all shareholders, notary confirmed.
  • Foreign passport or notary confirmed copy.
  • Shares divide order.
  • Expected name of the company ( if not important, we do already have some).
  • Expected time of company registration – till 5 working days.

The full package of services includes:

  • Statutes of company, protocols in Russian/English and Lithuanian
  • Agreement of establishment in Russian/English and Lithuanian
  • Company’s registration in the Register of Legal Entities
  • Registration in state tax inspectorate
  • NIP code
  • Registration address for 1 year
  • Name of company confirmed in patent bureau.
  • Notary services
  • Bank account with Internet service
  • The minimum capital for opening company PLLC in Lithuania – 2 500 EURO, will put on your company’s bank account.
  • Seal of company
  • Accountant service
  • It will be made in 5-7 days
  • Prepared new company – till 5 days


Company name Status Registration date VAT Authorized capital Delivery Additional information
1 UAB „BARTEVA“ 5 days

2021 Without VAT 10000 EUR 1 day Company for transport services
2 UAB „EFERADA“ prepared

2021-04-12 Without VAT 2500 EUR 1 day


2021-04-12 Without VAT 2500 EUR 1 day


2019-07-08 Without VAT 2500 EUR 1 day
5 UAB „AVALEDA“ prepared

2021-04-12 Without VAT 2500 EUR 1 day
6 UAB „SUZDEMA“ prepared

2021-02-15 Without VAT 2500 EUR 1 day
7 UAB „FELDEMA“ prepared

2021-02-15 Without VAT 2500 EUR 1 day
8 UAB „ZOVENTA“ prepared

2019-11-25 Without VAT 2500 EUR 1 day
9 UAB „BILVENA“ prepared

2019-09-17 Without VAT 2500 EUR 1 day

10 UAB „BOVENTA“ prepared

2021-02-15 Without VAT 2500 EUR 1 day
11 UAB “JORAVASA“ 5 days

2021 Without VAT 2500 EUR 1 day
12 UAB „ZEFRA“ 5 days

2021 Without VAT 2500 EUR 1 day

13 UAB „BERVA“ 5 days

2021 Without VAT 2500 EUR 1 day
14 UAB „TIRANELA“ prepared

2017-07-17 Without VAT 2500 EUR 1 day
15 UAB „OREKS“ prepared

2010-11-24 Without VAT 26066 EUR 1 day

Additional information:

  • Accountant service
  • Every next year needs to renew registration address of company.
  • Made agreements in Russian, English and Lithuanian.
  • Preparing of the documents for receiving certificates, licenses in Lithuania.
  • Can help to select an office for company.
  • Can help in recruiting
  • Business support in Lithuania

Foreigners, opened company in Lithuania, need to have the passport and valid registration of residence in their countries.


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