Free economic zones in the Republic of Lithuania (FEZ)

There are two Free economic zones in the Republic of Lithuania – in Kaunas and in Klaipeda. They were established in 1996 for a period of 49 years. Territory of Klaipeda FEZ covers 412 ha and territory of Kaunas FEZ covers 534 ha. In order to start activity in FEZ, a company incorporated according to laws of the Republic of Lithuania must get a permit of Ruling Company of FEZ to develop activity. Company which carries out its activities in one of the zones can be granted with taxation advantages: relief from profit tax and decrease of profit tax rate.

Variety of activities is restricted to these: manufacturing; supply of gas, water and electricity; building trade; wholesale trade; repair of cars and motor-cycles; hotel and catering; transport and logistics; warehouse; financial mediation; real estate; teaching; healthcare. It is possible to take up agricultural and fishery activities in Kaunas and production of tobacco as well as publishing in Klaipeda.

Zone companies (companies incorporated in the Republic of Lithuania which were granted a permit of Ruling company to start an activity) which correspond to certain requirements make use of these tax advantages:

  1. 1.       Relief of profit tax for 6 years;
  2. 2.       After the term of 6 years, profit tax rate is decreased 50% for 10 years;
  3. 3.       Dividends are not an object for profit tax;
  4. 4.       Real estate objects are an exception from real estate tax.

Tax advantages can be applied from the moment when investment into capital of Zone Company exceeds 300 000  EUR and at least 75% of income is received from the activity performed in the territory of the zone. It is also necessary to present auditor’s conclusion confirming sufficiency of investment. EXCEPTION: privilege is not applied to credit institutions and insurance companies.

Espotransa Real Estate LLC advices on incorporation in the Republic of Lithuania issues as well as mediate to arrange all the proper documentation for permit to start an activity in FEZ.

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